Pokladní systém Septim We would like to offer you a professional proven system, which effectively helps to manage a lot of gastronomical premises. The number of instaled licenses exceeds 1200 premises, from small and middle to the largest bars, restaurants or coffee shops. SEPTIM is also widely used in canteens and it has its important role within gastronomic chains.
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Hotelový rezervační systém protel We are distributor of a hotel PMS system protel, which is definitelly one of the best softwares in the hospitality segment. Thanks to it's wide possibilities of scaling, we can offer a suitable solution for hotel chain as well as for small family hotel. Protel is an internationaly proven hotel and reservation system, which provides a strong support for all of your activities.
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 Elektronický jídelní lístek Spectu We are glad to present you the technological news in the area of gastronomy, which helps you to streamline the service and increase the speed of the waiters' work. The Spectu app has clear design and simple operation with the touch. It can be installed on iPad or iPad mini tablets.
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Pager Crystal call We would like to offer you also communication system, which provides you the solution of communication problems within the premise and saves your time. From the wide range of product you will always choose one, which suits to your needs. Paging helps to solve, for example, the communication between the serving staff and the kitchen, provides the service call on premises, where is not permanently physically present. Or it can call parents to pick up their child from the child’s corner…
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Věrnostní systém Septim We continuously implement and improve CRM systems, because we realize how important role plays the customers' motivation in case of the development of the gastronomic premise. A sophisticated loyalty system is always an individual solution that is customized for each restaurant.
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