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About us

Sponsoring and help

In case of the business succes, it is common to participate on responsible projects, which mostly are not able to exist without this kind of support. According to this our company participates in selected projects.

We are realy glad, that we ware able to contribute and support good things.

Support 2014

Civic association Náruč (Armful)

Support 2013

Environmental Education Centre, Prague capital city Toulcův Dvůr

Moravian hear-impaired coffee house, Brno Moravian hear-impaired coffee house

Bar Bílá vrána, Praha 1 Bar Bílá vrána (White Crow Bar)

Support 2012

Open source back-up solution Bacula

Robust solution for task management Bugzilla

Password manager KeePass

Open office app package for Windows, Macintosh and Linux LibreOffice

Net secure connection with OpenVPN for Android

We are sponsors of Czech Association for the support of PostgreSQL

SFTP a FTP open source client for Windows Winscp

Project support from other previous years

Day care facility for children and youth with mental and multiple disabilities - "Petrklíč", Ledeč nad Sázavou

Support of the open source project DokuWiki

Support of the development of Czech version of office package OpenOffice

Support of the open source project OpenVPN

Support of Civic association POHODA

We are sponsors of Prague PostgreSQL Developers Day 2012

Multiuser web RSS reader. More info can be found here

Support of the open source project TortoiseSVN

We care about the security of your data, we do support TrueCrypt