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Our product portfolio is composed, so we will be able to offer the widest range of products targeted at specific market segment of services. We will cover single supply and make the whole process easier for you.

Cash register system Septim is our flag-ship product. It is a modularly designed and it allows us to adapt it maximally to different kinds of services – restaurant, canteen, fitness or hairdresser.

On the hospitality market we offer a protel software, which is the second most common hotel system in the world.

We add the needed cash register hardware to the software solution. You can choose the fixed register, which is stably located or a mobile one, which will „run around“ together with your staff. We will offer and deliver all other hardware, so the registers place will be equipped according to the premises requirements – from printers, readers, scales to the supply material (e.g. printers rolls), and thus we will allows you without waiting to open the door to your customers.

Within of our portfolio is a paging system offer, which is wide usable in many segments of services. Pagers gradually replace the bell in modern kitchen, there are service call buttons placed into the meeting venues, in children corners are mothers equipped with the calling pager for cases of urgent needs, same as to the patient while waiting for the examination. All of this and more calling-for problems are effectively solved with this solution.

The product offer is completed with the beverage control system, which records served beverages and is connected directly to the cash register system. It delivers not only exact information about the quantity and kinds of served drinks, but provides its exact dosing.

Pokladní systém Septim

Hotelový rezervační systém protel

Elektronický jídelní lístek Spectu