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Tapping system

Tapping system RECON allows you to connect all of the places in your restaurant, disco, club or bar, where drinks are offered. After small technical modifications of the current equipment and installing the control electronics, RECON will provide you an on-line connection with the cash register and stock.

Each of the orders and poured drink is immediately reflected in the cash flow and inventory. The result is not only the speeding up the service, but, at the same time, increase of the control of sold drinks and the charged price. Special tapping technology also offers extremely precise dosage of all served beverages.

Control systems

The system can be set to several modes to suit individual needs and requirements. In principle, we there are three different modes of operation of the system and control unit settings:

  • Credit mode is especially designed for large industries and solves the situation when several waiters charging drinks at various locations in the premise and bartenders are preparing these drinks according to printed orders. It will be impossible to pour a drink without charging.
  • Debit mode is suitable for smaller premises, where bartender prepares drinks, offers them to the client directly, but also receives the payment. This mode allows you to set the table number, for which the drinks are prepared, directly to the tap


  • Combined mode is a combination of both previous options. It is suitable for larger premises, where bar is separated. It allows an independent guest care at the bar (e.g. when client waits for his table) and at the same time to prepare drinks served by waiters. The RECON allows you to set your own mode (credit or debit) for each individual waiter or bartender, including different user access rights for the system.

Each of settings can be freely combined with any other to achieve the maximum simplicity of the operation.

Products that can be controlled

Poured alcoholic beverages

Checking of the glass bottles using this system will measure each issued centiliter of the alcohol and helps you save your money, not to waste a drop, because of special technologies for “clean” measuring.

The system can also check the amount of already empty bottles, so you know in every moment how many bottles were sold or used.

Tap system is able to provide on-line connection with the cash register and the stock. Each drink will be reflected in the cash flow and inventory.

The device is nicely designed by studio, which also worked for Bang & Olufsen and provides a very good presentation of all available drinks, so helps that way to sale them. It is equipped with two different positions for the bottle placement, depending on its volume. It can hold 6, 9 or 12 bottles and there is an opportunity for you to connect more racks together. Each rack is (for easy handling) equipped with one lock only. Replacing the bottle is quick and simple.

System advantages:

  • Accurate dosing,
  • Fast service,
  • Identification of the staff,
  • Maximum of the presentations – increases the sales,
  • Easy replacement of bottles.

Due to the significantly faster service of the bar, the customer service speeds up too, while control of issued drinks also increases. In premises with a large alcohol turnaround it quickly returns the higher initial investment for the purchase of equipment.

For more information, see this specification.

Mixed alcoholic beverages

While preparing the cocktail and mixed drink there is a constant measuring of ingredients. It can also cause a reduction of the quality of prepared cocktails, due to badly measured amount of individual ingredients. Especially in full operation depends the quality of the cocktail preparation on personnel and it is not always best way to operate the bar.

Especially for cases like this one was developed Cocktail Jukebox. This device always guarantees a constant quality of prepared cocktails, the same amount and ratio of individual ingredients. Each recipe is freely programmable and it is possible to change or adjust it anytime.

Each individual cocktail may consist of several different ingredients. As a standard ingredients you can use up to 28 different products such as spirits, juices, syrups or cream. Because the measuring of each ingredient is controlled electronically, the quality of cocktails is always the same. Setting up the cocktail preparation is so simple, that almost anyone can do that.

Also, the resulting recipe is always the same, does not matter how many cocktails were prepared. Another advantage is the speed of individual recipes preparation. To prepare cocktail, it takes 2-5 seconds, depending on the type of beverage. Individual ingredients are mixed directly in a glass or shaker, and then after mixing spilled into prepared glasses.

The process is unbelievably simple. The operator:

  • places the glass / shaker under neck,
  • chooses the selected cocktail on display,
  • presses a button. And selected ingredients are immediately poured into a glass / shaker,
  • if necessary mixes, pours into the glass and serves to the customer.
  • And it's the time for a new order …

Cocktail jubox shows you just with touch of a button the sales report - the amount of sold drinks, which could be created up to 100 from 20 different ingredients!

Cocktail heads can be mounted directly into the bar, for example in chrome design, according to your wishes. And, of course, it can be also connected to the POS system Septim.

If you would like more information here you can see the product specifications.

Whole bottles

Another way to control the dispensing of drinks by whole bottle is a mechanical way by placing a special seal on the neck of the bottle. Without removing the seals, the bottle cannot be opened. And every removing of the seal is immediately recorded by control system.

You can place seals from the base station:

Equipment for removing of seals allows you to communicate on-line the cash register and connection in the credit or debit mode. There are, of course, management reports that can inform you about up to 500 different sale items in the system.

And more...

The system for the beverage control allows more types of connections, as a beer or post-mix control with flowing turbine or direct connection of selected types of coffee machines to the POS.

If you are interested in more information or a quotation, please contact us on e-mail obchod@septim.cz. To prepare an offer we would like to ask you for some necessary information. Therefore do not forget to add your phone number here.