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Cash register’s hardware

We have in our portfolio a wide and complete range of cash registers and accessories, so let us guide you through the offer. And because not all of our readers has got a detailed knowledge of IT technologies, we will try to describe our products, their functionalities and the connectibility as simply as possible.

Depending on the character of the operation you can choose these types of supported hardware:

Depending on the size and variability of the premise we can think about these connection possibilities:

Supported hardware

Cash register

It is possible to use the cash register system Septim on computer registers as well as on standard PCs. The operator always uses the touch screen to charge items manually.

We offer fixed cash registers Partner, ToshibaTec (former IBM cash registers) and Wincor-Nixdorf, which are able to operate without any interference, also in case of wet or dusty environment. Cash registers are without ventilation and it has an impact on the low energy consumption.

The best seller registers are Partner, they are the compromise between the quality and price. The length of guarantee is 36 months.

More information about fixed cash registers, the specification included are available here.


There is no premise operation without connected printer. The printer on selected place informs the staff about the meal or drink inquiry using the printing of the “bon” and of course it provides the well-structured invoice for the guest.

Printers could be split in invoice printers (placed directly at the cash register and printers, providing the order and invoice prints. Because of low noise and possibility of the graphic logo printing we provide thermal printers.

The setup of the system, allows the installation of large amount of printers. For example directly on the delivery desk (if is far from the cash register, is possible to print orders of drinks and the second printer provides the invoice print for customers.

The second group consists of kitchen printers. In most cases users prefer dot matrix printers. Compared with an invoice printer they are bit noisier, but stable.

Wireless registers

For wireless registers inquirers we would like to offer a professional solution:Orderman wireless registers, which are manufactured specially for the hospitality. The device is ergonomic and robust, with and interesting design.

It allows the operator to do the same operations as on the fixed register. You can charge by touch on the screen, but not with the finger. You will need a special pen, delivered together with the register.

The communication is unified, it runs on the allocated radio net on the free frequency. It is provided by special broadcaster - base station.

Orderman offers few basic products. We support two of them - Max2Plus and Max2. In the year 2014 was discontinued the Don model. Both of current types supports the card reading, but only the Orderman Max2Plus allows you to connect the wireless Bluetooth printer, which provides the invoice printing directly at the customers table.

The second possibility is to use the Spectu application and the Apple iPad mini tablet, which fits, thanks to the size of the 7,9” touchscreen, to your hand. The height is 308 grams only and the standby mode is almost 10 hours. It provides a comfort and reliable using during whole shift.


There are plenty of various kinds of readers on premises. They are used to identify the guest, staff or goods.

The most sold reader is the magnetic stripe card reader. The buying of magnetic stripe cards is really cheap.

Canteens are exception from the rule. Boarder is identified by the contactless car, which is more secure and mostly used in whole building - for the entrance and attendance control. To use this kind of reader, the contactless reader is required.

Whether you choose any reading device, will be used only to detect, identify guests or staff. The reader itself does not contain any data, just its number. All information is registered in the POS Septim. Lost card is easy to replace with new one without losing the valuable data.

For faster sale and identification of goods the barcode scanner is used. We can offer you few of them and together we can choose one, which best suits to your premise.

Cash drawer

We would like to offer you draws from manufacturer Partner, they are connectible directly with the cash register’s system using the method, that it opens when needed, e.g. when closing the account. In addition they have the standard lock too, which increases the security.

Cash draw is metal based with the plastic with removable inlay to store the cash money.

Customers display

For cash registers in the fast food premise, canteen but also in case of other operations serving over the counter there are needs to visibly inform about the amount of customer's account. For this purpose, customer’s display can be used.

It is possible to integrate them directly into the cash register or use it independently with the column.

Cash register scale

We do supply of high quality scales DIGI. The scale allows to be connected with the POS system and it can be used for sale of the weighed goods in restaurants and canteens. Selected types of scales does not allow you to print.

The most used scales are calibrated to weigh goods up to 15 kg, they have their own display and provides the price calculation and direct connection to the cash register.

More information about peripherals like cash draw, register's scale or customer's display including their specification can be found here.

Connection schema

For the schema for the decision about the number of cash registers on premise is commonly the number of seats in the restaurant or served guests in case of fast-food and delivered meals for canteen. For example in case of restaurant it is more than 80 places. If the number of places exceeds 80, we definitely recommend you to add more cash registers. Of course, the final count of registers and their placement are determined by more factors, as the size and segmentation of the venue.


The easiest way to connect the necessary hardware in small premises. It consists of the base equipment, which contains its own cash register, connected to the invoice printer. All runs on one PC only. From this point of view it is the most money saving variant.

To put it into the operation there is no net needed, just the electricity.

Cash register at the bar and PC in the office

For premises, which have got the suitable place for the managerial PC in the back office, we recommend following schema:

This allows the parallel work with the register and on the managerial PC.

More cash register on the premise

Following illustrative pictures shows you the schema of the registers’ connection on the premise, where is necessary to use more of these devices. In the total count of registers, one of them could work as managerial PC, as presented here:

From the number of 3 cash registers we recommend you to invest your funds in the dedicated server (because of the stability of the system).

Wireless register on the premise

To connect the wireless register on the premise, you will need to install the signal broadcaster, which provides the communication transfer according to the following schema:

More wireless registers on the premise

To extend the number of wireless registers there is the same rule as in case of fixed registers. It means, that in case of more than 3 pieces, you will need to install a server. The connection schema has its own rules, which varies according to the type of chosen equipment. So the following picture is just to imagine.