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PartnerTECH cash registers

Our best-selling cash registers offers high quality and guarantees it with 3 years warranty. From this portfolio we can list, as an example, following models, operable with OS Windows or Linux.

SP-600 register - economy variant

The SP-600 is addressed to premise owner, who looks for practical and price acceptable cash register device. It is smart and has got high performance, designed to fill cash register's applications requirements.

Inside of the elegant touch screen monitor is 1.86 GHz dual-core Atom CPU with up to 4 GB RAM. Cash register is fan less.

Another advantage is the compact since, which ensures the minimal using of the working area. Wide tilt angle provides comfortable use.


High performance dual-core CPU 1.86GHz
DDR 3 memory that supports up to 4GB
Flexible design
Comfortable mounting on the wall, wide tilt angle
Spill and dust resistant monitor
Designed for reliability as fan less

Detail information are available to download here.

SP-800 cash register - high performance

The SP-800 series is matured and smart touch screen cash register.

It is compact, high performance, allows to use various range of CPUs (Intel Atom, Celeron) and memories (up to 16 GB, DDR3).

Flexible monitor can be set up to fill requirements of any workplace - by its comfortable mounting on the wall or with the flexible tilt angle at the front desk.


Elegant and robust aluminum chassis
High performance CPU (Intel Atom, Celeron)
DDR3 memories supports up to 16 GB
Flexible design
Spill and dust resistant monitor
Comfortable mounting on the wall, wide tilt angle
Green, very low energy consumption

Detailed information is available to download here.

PT-6212 cash register - flexible

All-in-One touch screen register PT-6212 is an ideal solution for small and middle sized premises, who want to keep up with their competitors. Register is already in the base version supplied with an integrated customers display, 80 mm thermal printer Epson and 3-line magnetic stripe card reader.

It is small and compact sized, and requires a minimal space. Without any additional modules and caballing, it allows the easy manipulation and installation.

Functional and discreet design of the register is suitable for any premise from the retail store, kiosk, fashion studio or gastronomic premise.


Elegant compact design, fan less
12,1 LCD touch screen display
Modular construction for easy maintenance
Integrated magnetic stripe card reader
Integrated 80 mm thermal printer Epson
Integrated customer's display 2×20 VFD

It is at your disposal also in the PT-6215 variant with 15″ touch screen.

Detail information is available to download here.

Toshiba SP500 cash register

Toshiba SurePOS 500 series brings the style, operability, bit of the nice design and also high quality technologies to our experienced customers in the gastronomy and other segments.

Thanks to its elegant design it visually nice, equally adequately noticeable and it will look nice on any place within the premise. It does not have such a big operation requirements, this is definitely another benefit. The construction allows its quick and easy installation, which reduces the number of the maintenance actions taken on the spot and therefore reduces the whole operational costs.

CPU: Intel Celeron G540 2.5GHz
Data storage: 64GB SSD
Memory: 4 GB RAM
OS: Windows
Monitor: 15″, touch screen, infrared

Detail information is available to download here.

Wincor Nixdorf BEETLE Fusion cash register

Professional touch screen cash register Wincor-Nixdorf BEETLE Fusion is an ideal solution for the gastronomy, specialized retail stores, where the robustness solution is required together with the compact size, low energy consumption and maximal performance. BEETLE Fusion offers nice elegant design and high standard of used technologies.

Robust 15″ or 18,5″ display can be equipped with various touch-operated technologies. This model could be used as the desktop device or mounted on the wall.

Device uses wide range of energy saving units from Intel Mobile CPUs - from Atom to Core2Duo.

The power supply fulfills strict energetic rules and it works with the constant efficiency more than 87%, this is great for the environment as well as for the operation costs.

CPU: Intel Atom D525 Dual-core 2x 1.8GHz
HDD 2,5” min. 250GB
Memory: 2 GB RAM
OS: Windows
Monitor: 15″ or 18, 5″, touch screen, capacitive

Detail info is available to download here.