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Interactive menu card

Electronic menu in connection with the touchscreen offers more opportunities than classic paper menu card. Pictures, needed product information (food allergens, etc.). Glibly able to offer a suitable main dish, wine or coffee for desert if you does not employ the sommelier in your restaurant, wine list for the iPad can help you to minimize this deficiency. Electronic menu earned his place in gastronomy already, helping guests with a better menu navigation, with sales to the personnel and with the costs reduction.

Mobile waiter

Spectu mobile waiter application allows the serving staff to collect orders from guests. It could receive and send orders directly to the orders printer, without leaving the guests table.

Unquestionable advantage is the acceleration of waiters work. The waiter does not need stay between tables and cash register, he may spend more time to guest. Well-arranged design and an intuitive way to work with applications make him his job much easier. In addition, Apple iPad mini, for which the application is formed, sizes is perfectly in your hand and is light weight and with long battery life

More information is available on producers site or you can contact us on obchod@septim.cz.