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Waiter Call

Waiter call system helps to effectively eliminate the problem, when food waiting for guests.

Waiters are equipped with the Cristall Call pagers, and getting from the kitchen a message, that the meal is ready to pick up. This speeds up the operation, and thus also the turnover of guests in the restaurant, customers are not disturbed (with the bell, for example). Another benefit is the decrease of unnecessary walks of waiters. Pager works at a frequency of 448MHz. It has an integrated rechargeable battery and belt clip. You can use the vibration or sound signal modes and it highlights the discharged battery.

One charging station accommodates up to 6 or up to 12 pagers, but if necessary to recharge pack of more pagers, it is possible to connect more stations to each.

Calling the waiter to the kitchen is provided by the broadcaster station, which may be based on the amount of pagers - for 12 or 24 pieces. The station was designed and developed for everyday use and also tested for placement in a hot kitchen. It can be mounted on a desk or wall.

The undisputable advantages of using this type of pager are:

  • Easy operation,
  • Instant transmission of information about ready meals,
  • Significant service acceleration,
  • Quick and easy installation.

If you would like to have more information here is available the product specification.

Customer Call

Customer Call is the ideal solution to children's corners, medical or veterinary premises. By using this solution you will eliminate the need to recall the names of patients or, if necessary, it provides a quick call of parents and children in areas of the supermarket.

Pager works at a frequency of 440 - 450MHz. Its range is up to 2 km, depending on the variedness of premise and used building materials. In case that the holder is outside of the signal range, he will be automatically notified about this fact by his own pager. Installing station is very simple, it can be mounted on a desk or on the wall.

To call, you can use the vibration, sound or light signal mode. Devices are available in blue or black color. Pager is chargeable, the charging station accommodates up to 20 pagers.

You will find more details in the attached {{shared:produkty:customercall_datasheet.pdf|specification}.

Easy Call

Easy Call button helps to restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars or other businesses to offer their services even where it is not possible to provide a permanent presence of staff or where this is not desirable. Just one pressing of the Easy Call sends a signal to the base station and the customer lets you know, that he requires the operators attention.

Benefit of using this device is customers satisfaction, honoring of his privacy where required, quick response of the service if needed, and thus more sales.

Easy Call buttons are interestingly designed, can be mounted on a wall, desk or reception desk and they are available with wooden or porcelain finish. If necessary, it is possible to place an advertising on them.

Easy Call operates at a frequency of 869MHz. Its battery, depending on usage, has up to two years lifetime. The advantage is a very low maintenance demand, the button is UV-resistant, as well as water-resistant.

System benefits:

  • Significant acceleration of service,
  • Ensure accessibility of places without the presence of permanent staff,
  • Quick and easy installation.

For more information, there is a more detailed specification.

Using the pager outside of the hospitality segment

  • Recreational facilities - easier communication with technical personnel.
  • Congress - the service does not disturb during the meeting, customer can call the service by himself, if necessary.
  • Industry - faster coordination of the expedition.
  • Healthcare - calling a patient, who does not need to wait for treatment in a waiting room or call nursing staff or ambulance.
  • Children's Corners - calling the child's parents in case of an emergency.
  • Retail - the customer determines himself how he will spend the time while waiting.

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