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POS system Septim

Septim is our own product. We have developed it for use in the services segment, which has its own specific features. We do not offer somebody else’s solution, but the one, which we have created and continually improving. It is programmed so that your data is securely stored!

Cash register system is optimized for touchscreen registers. Cash register is therefore operated by touching the monitor and the touch will charge also the sales item. Program operates on standard office PCs or a cash register PC types with operating system Windows or Linux.

Cash register system does not have to be dependent on the local computer network, each workstation may work independently (Off-line).

Septim is a modularly designed. Base core of the program may be freely combined with other software modules, so the result always suit needs of a specific premise operation.

Each of basic variants contains the Cash register and Manager application. Both parts of the system are connected, share information and Septim can present them transparently for the whole premise, so the company can be effectively managed.

The service personnel works on Cash register application, which supports all of the needed actions related to the smooth guests service. While define the cash register we always care not only about the work comfort but also the speed. It is supported with an automatic reading of guests’ benefits when the customer card is presented. The minimization of the hand-made actions an exact set-up of user rights for cash registers actions, enables the implementation of the fraud control mechanism.

Managerial application is a working tool for premises manager. It helps to define of own sales, but the main reason is to deliver an information about the stores and sales works, help to monitor and control the good and cash flow inside of the enterprise. It assists to the manager to take control over the stock reserves on the optimal level, and then relase significant amount of money, normally fixed in stock reserves, for another use. It allows to monitor costs and revenues of each individual recipe and product of the portfolio on the exact basis and thus effectively manage or offer a favor to customers. The management gets a complete information what happened on cash registers, for example what is the result of the sale of each individual employee. Therefore Septim can be an effective motivation tool, for guest or for the staff.

Cash register system is not only the control tool, but it is also tool of the effectivity. It significantly helps to make the communication between the service personnel and the kitchen faster, all orders are faster managed, of course, it helps to rise the turnover and increases guests’ satisfaction.

The purpose of the implementation and use of funds to purchase is to reduce costs while increasing the number of guests and sales effect.

Before go deeper into a brief summary of important features of the Septim IS, it is necessary to mention, that the description refers to the cash register and information system Septim 3.1. POS system Septim 2.1 is an older version, which was installed until year 2004 and which currently is not supported with the development in any way. To all Septim 2.1 users the upgrade is strongly recommended.