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Septim - Backoffice app

All Septim functions including the cash register configuration like the display of recipes, colors and button size or user rights for employees are managed in Septim Manager.

Septim enables you to define the rights for employees for accessing the data and the functionalities. This feature helps to protect the system against any misusage.

Stock keeping functionality is another feature with positive economic influence on your operation. Proper recording of the delivery sheets, stock items depreciation or stock inventory evaluation will have positive effect on your operating costs. The material and items flow overview is also available in Septim. POS Septim will help you to reduce your costs for the same level of customers and revenue.

Sales statistics, managerial reports and closed bills overview will give you important and clear information. The reporting will assist in the management control, decision making and operation analysis. Septim is a system composed of modules. This means your operation can grow in the size or you can just expand the functionalities anytime. During the opening you can focus on basic functionalities. As soon as your daily operation settles you can add other functionalities and for example create a loyalty program for your customers. The timing is up to you.

Septim Backoffice Functionalities Examples

Septim Backoffice Extending Applications

Solution for Chains

In case your operation will grow so it becomes a chain, your needs for system functionalities will grow as well. Due to the large scope of the system any detailed description would be just too long. The solution for every specific chain is based on deep analysis of individual business needs, intentions and prospects.

See bellow only some of the possibilities how to expand Septim for your growing business:

Selling Items Definitions

Creating a Selling Items is usually the first experience a user makes with Septim Manager Application. In fact you are recording your Menu including the prices into the Septim Manager. Inserting Selling Items is very easy and anybody who is shortly trained can do it. Still inserting your Selling Items is the most import step you need to do before you open the outlet and it cannot be skipped.

We are happy to assist you with creating your database if your item evidence is in a proper format to work with and use for import. In any case we can enter the items manually.

Stock Administration

Next step is to insert your recipes into Septim Manager if the material control is important for your operation.

The ingredients are attached to the selling item. The ingredients are than deducted from the stock in the moment the item is posted at the cash register. The ingredient deduction is immediate in on-line mode.

Stock Administration allows exact evidence of material and commodity flow. The Stock Administration Module offers many useful functionalities:

  • stock supplies evidence
  • different measurements units
  • different packaging types for stock items
  • evidence of multiple stocks
  • acceptance of item into stocks
  • transfer between the stocks
  • minimum supplies level evidence
  • calculation of actual stock price
  • consumer basket calculation
  • meal norms for collective distribution
  • inventory reporting
  • delivery sheets / acceptance of item into stocks
  • evidence of suppliers
  • release from stocks by depreciation
  • release from stocks by sales
  • substitutions
  • distribution by item content
  • distribution by item deprivation
  • display of actual supplies by stocks
  • display of actual supplies by stock items

POS Septim keeps evidence of any modification and records the timing of changes as well as the user´s actions. It helps to keep track of any transaction and to shift the responsibility on the staff actually handling the supplies.

Price Categories

In this module you can create variety of price levels for any Selling Item. Every guest can than have his own price conditions. You can set more favorable prices for your frequent guests or employees.

Price Categories make it possible to use „Happy Hours“ functionality. The cash register will charge the price according to given rules. The service staff cannot charge any other price but the one created in the Septim manager.

Customer Records

The individual customer approach (especially for the frequent guests) is getting more popular. Customer Records module enables to keep evidence of your guests, manage their accounts and grand them special prices or discounts.

Every customer can be identified by member card. The cash register can than recognize any details about the customer and uses automatically the special member conditions. It also remembers the consumption history which can be very important for later evaluation.

Happy hours

If you like to use the „Happy Hours“ to motivate your guests to increase their consumption during the off-peak hours, the POS Septim will support the process by rules settings and control. You only need to define the “Happy Hours” days and times. The system will set the desired price level at the desired time without the users having to change anything. The system resets back the normal prices as soon as the defined period expires.

Loyalty system

CRM stands for „Customer Relationship Management“. The module is designed for demanding customers who like to combine several interesting loyalty programs for their guests. The applied modules automatically control operations done on cash register. You can be sure the guest receives the benefit without any manual adjustments.

Please find more information here..

Off-line Cash Register

We recommend to install the off-line cash register for certain type of operation. This cash register does not depend on constant connection to the central computer and is able to fully conduct all functionalities only with electricity supply.

The off-line cash register has its pros and cons. The main advantage is the independence and guarantee of functionality in case of any net or central computer failure. The disadvantage is the delay in transfer of information about sales and Selling Items deduction. This operation is still done but only periodically in a pre-defined time. It is not conducted constantly like if the system using on-line connection.

Mobile Cash Register

Our policy is to offer only such devices and connection to the devices which were designed exclusively for Food & Beverage industry.

Mobile Cash Register Orderman can replace the normal desktop cash register. The waiters can serve the guests directly at the table. For example the waiters can write down the order, split the bills and print the bills. It also of course communicates with cash registers in the restaurant and the kitchen. Our experience is the Orderman can save up to 40% of walking for the waiters and consequently the staff can serve up to one fourth more of the customers. The actual operation procedures need to be optimized for the remote ordering system.

POS Septim offers the possibility to connect to Spectu. We use the most up-to-date technology and the Apple iPad mini. Mobile Waiter Spectu App enables to open bills, send orders and close the bills right from the table. The order can be sent directly to the kitchen and the cash register. Basic functionalities, clear design and touch gestures enable easy orientation and fast service.

Bank terminal

Septim can communicate with payment terminal Ingenico. This supports the electronic acceptance of bank payment cards. Česká spořitelna, GEmoney and KB are supported.

The terminal supplied by your bank accepts chip, magnetic and contactless card. This saves you from cash handling, increases the safety and guarantees the payment reception.

Kitchen Operation Management

“KitchenDisplaySystem” (KDS) can coordinate and manage processes in the kitchen. The extra functionality is helpful for the Chefs as it distributes the task to dedicated departments. The system will calculate when to start preparing the meal to ensure the proper timing for the services of dishes.

KDS is optimized for touch monitors and can have variety of settings. The screens can be split for example into the starters or main dishes production and expenditure.

Attendance Module

The tool supports evidence of employees working hours. Attendance Module can export data useful for processing the salary calculation. ID cards can record the working hours.

Object Reservation

The module will be useful for properties with meeting rooms, wellness facilities, few bedrooms or other equipment to rent. The module for Object Reservation makes a clear evidence of reserved objects including the graphical overview in the plan. Unconfirmed or definite reservation are color distinguished.

Events / Orders

The module is targeting customers who are often renting their rooms and areas for internal catering events and need exact reporting about their profit. The actual profit evaluation of the catering events may be difficult because the timings of the events often overlap. This module helps with the exact stock and cash register operation evidence. The financial results are than available on one button press.

Slevomat Interface

Many of our customers from F&B and wellness industry offer their services and products at the „Slevomat“ website. Our goal is to create such a support which will grant enough safety for voucher redeem procedure. The cash register connects to the Slevomat server and checks the validity of the code provided by guest. As soon as the transaction finishes the code is deactivated. This prevents from multiple usage of one voucher.

E-Meal Tickets

Many companies now change from paper form of the meal tickets to electronic tickets Benefit Plus. This brings major reduction in administration processes. Septim can easily accept and record the E-Meal Tickets.

User Rights

The adjustments of user rights is often underestimated however it is a very powerful tool how to control what each user can or cannot do with the cash register. As soon as you face a problem usually the first question is why it happened and who is responsible. It is advisable to make sure that for example only the manager can void the bill and not the service staff.

We realize how important the user rights are and for that reason we have worked out variety of possibilities! The user groups are available so the rights can be defined in an easy, fast and correct manner.

Operation Evaluation

To benefit from all the information about sales, revenue, stocks or profitability stored in Septim manager it is necessary to summarize it and evaluate it. Septim enables to evaluate all information as well as parameters and provides data for your bookkeeping.

Septim provides clear overview for example about:

  • input and outputs from stock
  • stock levels
  • profits and revenue
  • profitability of products and recipes
  • evaluation of individual product categories
  • evaluation of individual users

Hotel Software Interface

Septim can be connected to various hotel systems: protel, SMART hotel, Hores Plus and HotelTime. The interface transfers the charges for consumption in the restaurant to hotel guest account and so eliminates errors by manual entries.

Module for Meal Orders

This module is designed for company dinning commons and allows advance meal ordering. The diner can order here meals for a pre-defined period in advance. The ordering kiosk is the point where diners can order meal directly at the dinning place. In the companies where most diners have computer access the meals can be booked also directly on the web site. The diner can of course within a given time limit change or cancel the order.

The advantage is the diner´s meal choice is guaranteed. The operator of the dining commons also gets the exact number of portions to produce.

The expenditure terminal takes care about the smooth distribution of ordered meals.

The ordering module depends on the diner using his card. The diner identifies himself in the system with the card to be able to place an order or trade in any other ordered meal.

School dining

Another Septim extending functionality supports also the dining for school and includes:

  • norms setting and collective item releasing from the stocks
  • portion size variety for a single recipe
  • automatic stock transfer for produced dishes
  • supervision of consumer basket, financial overview
  • minimum and critical stock supply amount definition
  • on-line and off-line combination of stock deprivation
  • ordering and non-ordering system combination
  • employee subsidy calculation
  • matching of bank statements and automatic accounts recharge
  • WWW application for diners – meal orders
  • Diners collective transfers between groups (levels modifications)
  • Diner´s groups assorted (kids, teacher, external, retired, etc.)

Non-ordering Module

The system is always adopted in such a way it is able to serve in a non-ordering environment as well. It is designed also for the meal distribution in the operation where the diner does not have to book his meal in advance. The diner´s meals choice is not guaranteed. It depends on the status of distribution and amount of remaining portions.

Module for Subsidy

The module for Subsidy is always included in the system for company dining. The module serves to calculate subsidy for diners in company dining. The employer provides subsidy to his employees for different types of meal (soup, main dish, salad, etc.)

The module aids to properly assign and calculate the amount of the meal price the employee can claim to the employer and the amount paid directly by the employee. The requirements for meal subsidy calculation differ a lot. For this reason we offer a variety of configuration possibilities. The diner identifies himself by ID card at the cash register and the system evaluates if the diner is entitled to the subsidy.

The subsidy can be provided right at the payment. The advantage is the diner can see directly on the bill how much he is paying for his meal. Another way is to provide the subsidy only on the end of accounting period (usually 1 month) based on final reports summary. This is usually used for example when the subsidy depends on the actual hours worked.

The operator of the dining commons can provide the employer with detailed information to be used for salary calculation export in either case. The reports are usually created on specific request.

Payments for Units and Time Intervals

Both modules include basic features used in sport centers, wellness centers or swimming pools.

The sport facilities often provide paid unattended services. It is worthy to equip the customers with contactless cards. The cards can be than used on the facility entrance and calculate the time spent inside of the center.

The comfortable one-use service feature is available too. For example the card can be used at the beverage station or for toboggan entrance.

Recipes Databank

The databank is a special type of Septim system. It is dedicated for synchronization of recipes database, its ingredients and stock items shared among several operations. It helps you in maintaining the uniformity of evidence without having to make the same configuration in each property.

Central CRM

The system is suitable mainly for restaurant´s or other chains. The shared database and its CRM programs are used in any of the chain property just on submitting the customer card. Any transaction on the customer card is authorized on-line by secured internet connection and is recorded for later evaluation. The customers can review their accounts or benefits by logging in on the web site.


Webcare is a special web page created for final guests to be able to see detailed overview about the consumption, account or collected/redeemed bonuses. Our intention is to maximize the comfort of the final guests.

The restaurants with large clients’ database usually use the WebCare Application. The dining commons using the ordering module can use Webcare for the diners to be able to order meals comfortably at home or at the office PC. Clearly organized consumption reports are of course available within the Webcare Application too. Webcare can be customized according to specific requirements on the content or the layout. Please see the Webcare Demo here.

Import and export

Recipes as well as stock items can be imported to or exported from Septim. It can be just one-time import. The central database can be created to manage to recipes for several properties within the chain. The uniformity is maintained for all the properties. The possibility to modify recipes and stock items directly on properties can be deactivated.

You can eliminate errors of having one item under different name in various properties by using the import and export function in central database. The reports can be than used for food costs comparison.