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Septim - Cash register

Simply said, inside of the cash register's application the operator is doing all of common transactions related to the guest's service. The Cash register module is designed to provide a maximally fast, intuitive and simple operation. The attendant is able to use the application almost immediately after a short training.

The operator creates a consumption and services checkouts, enters requests for the kitchen and within the same time unloads the good from the stock.

The application offers plenty of functionalities. It is not necessary to list all of them right here, but you can be sure, that there was not forgotten any of the most important ones and that it provides you with all necessary stable support.

From the operational point of view, it is possible to design the control of the module exactly to your needs, the premise type and size. Customer's requests, design and options of the application are different in case of restaurant, canteen, fast food, hairdresser’s studio or bistro. Individual settings of the application is made together with the installation.

Cash register transactions can be limited by user rights. This is definitely important from the manager's and security point of view.

The cash register's system Septim can be used also as a fiscal register.

According to the fact, that each of premises has got different requirements for the cash register's application, there are various versions available.

Cash register's application offers following most important functionalities

  • Charging on the account (quick/slow transactions)
  • Cancellation of incorrectly charged items
  • Charging of void items on the account
  • Printing of orders in production facilities
  • Discounts
  • Various payment methods
  • Invoice print
  • Invoice copy
  • Change of the payment method in case of closed accounts
  • Printing of reports according to the configuration
  • Unlimited number of price levels, according to the license type
  • Possibility to calculate the sales price with formulas
  • Cash register's printers support
  • Messages for the kitchen
  • User's access rights definitions
  • Billing of the whole consumption and other services
  • Checking of the order's availability
  • Automatic unload from the stock
  • Splitting/joining/transfer of the account
  • Graphic presentation of the tables’ setup on the premise
  • Own design definition for the whole application
  • Depositing funds with the issue of receipts

Selected enhancing modules for the managerial application

Stock inventory management on the cash register device

The cash register is not only the tool, used to serve to the guest, but also the place, where are several taken several actions with impact to the stock. In case of sale by charging of the item onto clients account, all defined ingredients are unloaded from the stock. To allow to do other stock management operations using the cash register device, which are not directly related to the sale, we have developed this module. With its assistance you can create an inventory check right here and save managers time (caused by its transcription and deciphering, enter the delivery note, transfers or depreciation just in the same moment when it happened and therefore minimize the failure number.