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protel SPE

protel “Single Property Edition” (SPE) is a hotel managing software for middle and big hotels. It easily helps to care about your guests, including check in/out: protel SPE offers you easy usability, fast and reliable accessibility to basic information.

SPE is an advanced and internationally proved hotel software, which offers strong support to all your activities. You could know more about your guests, length and frequency of their stays and preferred services. Actively supports occupancy control, rises the effectivity ab profitability of middle and big hotels.

Does not matter, what market you are focusing, protel SPE supports your managerial processes. Inside of the base of your multifunctional product is an evidence, which you need to manage your bookings and front office, like multifunctional room and room type map and, mainly, the Navigator.

More about the protel SPE functionalities on producers site.

protel hotel software could be connected with the POS system Septim. Thus the transfer of accounts is guaranteed and the amount of hand-made fails is minimized.

protel Air

protel Air is fully functional hotel management system, which is located in the secure hosting. Web application uses an external source of hardware, software and data location on the internet in the cloud method and therefore opens new opportunities for an IT management in the hospitality.

Hotel software is leased, you do not buy it, which brings indisputable advantages:

  • No own hardware, software installations, updates or upgrades
  • Guaranty of personal data security
  • Low start investment
  • You will need the web browser only
  • Platform independent (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS)
  • Flexible time of using and billing
  • Big range application, easily adjustable according to your rising wishes

Protel Air is the best solution for all of hotel owners, who cares about the flexibility, reliability, and security without anxiety and big investment.

More about the protel Air functionalities on producers site.

protel MPE

Family of hotel software is completed with protel MPE, it can make from multinational hotel chain a one complete unit. All hotels within the MPE have got the access to the central database of its guests. All data and functions are accessible to all hotel experiences in real time. So you can benefit from transparent inventory of data and reliable business processes.

Protel MPE offers reservation management, marketing and reporting, all-in-one, so you can monitor all activities (appointments), and revenues, reports for the entire enterprise.

More about the protel MPE functionalities on producers site or you can contact us on obchod@septim.cz.