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With your permission, to avoid problems, on events with a maintenance contract Standard maintenance contract - Maintenance SEPTIM we install a monitoring (it means system for monitoring of possible incidents) .

Installed monitoring service allows us to monitor how close are potential problems. On your server or cash register, with an OS Linux, we observe:

  • free disk space availability,
  • database damages,
  • lifetime and hard drive status using SMART technology,
  • the regular backups,
  • the UPS status,
  • functionality and accessibility of the Webcare,
  • functionality and accessibility of the Customer central database,
  • service response time Webcare and Customer central database. If the response time is getting longer, monitoring should help to solve the problem before first customer complains,
  • and many other.

Each of the above examples of failures may cause serious problems.

Common part of our services is not only the monitoring, but especially active solution of warning signals. If we are informed about a possible problem, we can promptly let you know about it and we are ready, according to your order, to begin to solve the problem.

If you wish to be included in the monitoring, contact our Service Department.