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Long-term lease

In cases, when you do not have the funds to purchase a POS system or you are limited the length of the premise rent, we would like to offer you a software rental. Rent will effectively reduce the initial costs .

By renting you can get, for an affordable monthly fee, POS system with all of the necessary features. An integral part of the rent is also a maintenance contract Maintenance, which, by the way, guarantees access to updates of the POS system Septim.

Services such as initial installation and operators training are not included in rent, it is necessary to pay them.

The length of the long-term lease is 12 or 24 months.

We can offer you a necessary hardware too, the rental price will be calculated individually according to the range and duration of the rent.

For the offer evaluation please contact our sales department.

Short-term lease

If you need to solve lease POS system for a concert, a film festival, sports or other event, short term rental may be the right solution for you . We lend the necessary hardware and software, we will deliver it to the venue, install and train the personnel. We are ready to help you with a supervision during the event. Of course, we would like to offer you uninstalling and assistance with the completion of sales reports.

Minimum period of the short-term lease is not determined.

If necessary, the telephone service and support are offered as to our regular customers.

For the offer evaluation please contact our sales department.