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Custom development of the software

The main product of our company is a cash register system Septim, its sale and development. We create a software customized to specific needs of the gastronomical market, and because we are owners of the system, we could also adapt and implement it for individually to any customers need , that’s what we see as in our major competitive advantage.

Customers' changes are implemented into the system with respect to the stability of the system, its speed and to keep it user friendly.

There are activities, unique for every enterprise or premise, for example in the field of customer programs or benefits. If your programs are interesting, you can increase the advantage, by managing your processes effectively than your competitors. In this case, the implementation of the customized software is a great opportunity for you.

Our company has a development department, which can meet your requirements.

To find out, what all the development of the customized program means, do not hesitate to as us for an appointment to be informed. Our consultant and analyst will consider your needs and recommend you the right solution. Please contact our sales department.