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POS systems for canteens

Corporate catering has specific requirements and therefore we customized POS system and completed from such modules to fully suit these specific needs. If necessary, you can decide, whether or not the extend (for example: stock management, standardization, etc).

Catering system Septim Canteen supports multiple regimes like automatic or ordering and school canteen.

We offer to diners various possibilities of the meal ordering, to them the order process as pleasant as possible. Offered comfort increases also by using their employee cards in whole system, they don't need any other! With these features Septim can process relatively fast on clear basis related salary deductions and its statements. If standard reports aren't enough, it's possible to modificate them to meet your expectations. Catering staff has got simplified work and can devote to customers or production.

Septim also supports the work with different price levels and tax or non-tax donations of the catering regime.

Supplemental and waged items sale is an inevitable part of the portfolio in canteens and corporate catering premises. The bar code reader or directly connected scale installation together with the Septim helps to check the customer faster and decreases the number of fails of items charging. So the item sale could be immediatelly connected with the stock and offers the stock reserve check at the same time.

There is an accounting method defined in case of diners, for example credit or debet account, salary deducts, etc. Of course, goods could be sold to any boarder, wheter in system or not. Generally, the cash flow reduction minimizes the fraud risk. It's proven in practice that it accelerates the operation of the dining room too.

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