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PMS for hotels

We would like to offer you a hotel PMS system from our partner, protel hotelsoftware GmbH company, which gain a leading position on the software market.

The protel software is advanced and internationally proven hotel software, which provides strong support for your activities, whether you run a hotel, apartment house or hotel chain. It is flexible, facilitates front desks job, enables managerial control and actively supports online sales. Is does not forget to support the transfer between hotel guests accounts and restaurant POS system Septim.

No matter what market you are focusing, protel will support your management processes. Protel software is designed by professionals in the hotel industry, proven internationally with 15 years of tradition and therefore offers corresponding solutions. It is also invaluable helper in all other areas that are part of the hotel management. You will be simply able to control occupancy and room bookings, billing - plus you will get the time you can give to your guests.

Depends on the size and preferences, you can choose one of following software solutions:

protel SPE

a solution for small, middle and big independent hotels

protel “Single Property Edition” (SPE) is a hotel managing software for middle and big hotels. It easily helps to care about your guests, including check in/out: protel SPE offers you easy usability, fast and reliable accessibility to basic information.

You could know more about your guests, length and frequency of their stays and preferred services. Actively supports occupancy control, rises the effectivity ab profitability of middle and big hotels.

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protel Air

cloud solution

The main idea of the protel Air is to use the software with an internet browser only instead of buying the software license and its installations in the hotel premise. protel Air is highly integrated and price effective system for the hotel management for them, who does not want to care about own IT.

protel Air hotel system works on-line only. It is really easy to start to work with him. In principle, you will need the web browser only. During its development, it was focused on versatility. There is a fixed but also a mobile version (Windows, Mac OS iOS, Android). Do not worry about your data, they are securely protected!

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protel MPE

solution for hotel chains

protel hotel software, thanks to its solution “Multi Property Edition” (MPE), can make from multinational hotel chain to one complete unit. All hotels within the MPE have got the access to the central database of its guests.

All of the data and functionalities are accessible to any of hotels in the real time. And each individual hotel, does not matter its location, can profit from available and complete data reserve and reliable business processes.

MPE offers opportunity to manage reservations, marketing and reporting all-in-one, so you can take control over all activities (appointments included), revenues and reports for the whole enterprise.

Basic product information contained in this document.

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