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Phone support

Our company has got a team of trained service technicians, who provide customer support. For all of our customers, regardless of their level of Maintenance contract, we guarantees requirements admission at our Telephone Helpdesk. Customers with a Maintenance contract have a hotline that is available 24/7.


This kind of the telephone support is at your disposal on number +420 257 011 101 from Monday till Friday, 8:30 a. m. - 5:00 p. m. .

To improve the quality of customers’ service, all of phone calls are monitored.
We would also like to inform you that telephone consultations or possible service interventions will be charged according to the service contract and valid ASW Systems price list.

If you call us often and you already know the agreement about monitoring calls and prices, you can press the # key to approve it quickly and we will try to connect you with a technician immediately.

If you are interested in the supply of this service for your premise, just choose one of our Maintenance contracts and do not hesitate to contact us, by e-mail, for example.


We can split the Hotline into two parts, within and outside office hours. The phone number +420 257 011 101 guarantees the support in workdays, from Monday till Friday, 8:30 a. m. - 5:00 p. m. We would like to inform you, that all of phone calls are monitored.

Outside working hours you have to dial another number: +420 777 737 846 (777 SEPTIM), where you will be asked to dial your maintenance code.

Your maintenance code can be found on the sticker, marked “ZÁKAZNICKÝ SERVIS” (Maintenance for customers), which we sent immediately when the Maintenance contract fee was paid. It is highly recommended to stick it on the Cash register and the copy at the Managers work place.

Exceptionally could happened, that the phone line is busy. Therefore we would like to ask you to express the request and explain the cause as briefly as possible.

E-mail contact

If it is not possible to reach us over the phone because of the busy line and you need to solve more problems at once or you need to schedule a maintenance action dated far from today, there is an e-mail address dedicated to these causes. The advantage is, that your request will be processed with no relevance to the busy phone line. Please don't forget to mark a name of the premise in the e-mail.