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License transfer of SW SEPTIM

License transfer means the handover of paid SW SEPTIM to another holder, e.g. another person or legal body. License transfer has got its own rules. If done without our agreement, it's invalid! If you are in the process of selling the enterprise (or to let), following information is dedicated to you. Re-register of the license has to be done even in case of the enterprise transformation such as companies merging or buying the business. The purchased license can be transferred only in the previously purchased range. I tis forbidden to transfer only part of the license. The former holder transfers the license to the recipient using an application and renounces the right to use a cash register’s software SEPTIM (specified with a serial number) and confirms that it is uninstalled from the computer.

License transfer conditions

The transfer starts in at the moment, when the application with the request is delivered to the issuer’s (ASW System a. s.) office. The transfer requires to be done in the written form, the application must be filled and signed by former license holder (company executive)

The sales department is in charge of the license transfers and it is always signed by the statutory. Applications can be send by e-mail to the ASW Systems a. s. To accelerate the process of the transfer, the e-mail sending of the scanned application is also allowed. Please note the address: obchod@septim.cz.

Attention: It is a common standard, that the installation, which is a subject of the transfer, sets automatically the payment method on cash, until the license transfer to the new owner is successfully finished. The transfer can begin in case that:

  • There is no evidence of hardware rental or unpaid invoices from the former license holder/s,
  • New holder agrees with our license conditions,
  • If former holder owns SEPTIM 2.1, the future one must agree with an upgrade to 3.1 version,
  • Former holder handover the software key (HASP) to the new one already,
  • The license transfer is subject to the valid maintenance contract.

The transfer is finished assuming, that all conditions for the beginning of the license transfer are filled and that the new holder signed the maintenance contract.

After that we will issue the new License card, which confirms the new holder, range of the license and its location.

License condition

Customer is allowed to use the software SEPTIM in accordance to these license conditions:

  1. Customer is allowed to use the SEPTIM software for cash registers systems operation for the purpose, for which has been issued by ASW Systems a. s., with individually selected and dedicated hardware equipment, supplied or agreed by the SEPTIM’s supplier, in the location of the installation, for his own use, and within the range of functionalities and count of licenses, as specified in the License card and operated according to the software manuals.
  2. The ASW Systems a. s. is a CAP partner of the Sybase and is allowed to distribute (as a part of the SEPTIM software the Sybase SQL Anywhere product). The total number of Sybase licenses must equal and cannot exceed the count of the SEPTIM licenses. The Sybase SQL Anywhere license cannot be used by the customer to develop of any other application code or to operate any other software.
  3. The SEPTIM software can be used by the customer for the issued purpose and in the installed copy only. Any other copying is not allowed, except one backup copy.
  4. Customer is not allowed make any program changes within the SEPTIM software.
  5. Customer is not allowed to transfer the license of the SEPTIM software in any way or method (let, borrow).
  6. Customer provides in the suitable way the security of the SEPTIM software, so the license conditions cannot be harmed.
  7. ASW Systems a. s. is the property right holder of the SEPTIM software. Software SEPTIM is protected by the legislation about copyright law and international pacts and conventions.


The administration works of the license transfer if free of charge.

The charged part of the process are the works on the customer’s premise and installation location, related to the transfer (invoice changes, upgrades, etc.) and following regular monthly fee (once per year) - the maintenance fee.

SEPTIM software rental

Now and here we would like to note, that the license holder is obliged to inform ASW also about letting the software. He will fulfil not only accepted terms and conditions, but also secures, that any maintenance actions will be charged to the right legal body.

SEPTIM uninstall

After the license transfer, the previous holder confirms that he will erase any installed part of related software products (SEPTIM, Sybase) in the range of purchased licenses (if the hardware transfer/sales is not a part of the license transfer/sale between old and new holder).