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Changes we want to highlight

This is the place where we want to publish notices, related to changes on the technology market and they could have direct impact on you, our customers.

End of the OS MS Windows XP support

By April 8th 2014, Microsoft finished the suppport of the OS Windows XP. It means, there are no updates any more and there is a high risk of Zero day attacks for this platform.

The situation that that you may encounter

Server on Windows XP

We do recommend the upgrade on SeptimOS or Windows 8.1.

Managerial PC (ServeroManažer) on Windows XP

We do recommend to buy a new PC with preinstalled OS Windows 8.1. You will get a higher performance for a minimal cost.

Cash register on Windows XP

We do recommend to upgrade on our modified version of the Linux operating system. What is the easiest way to change? We arrive at a premise with a pre-installed hard drive for the register and replace the disk only. This is the cheapest solution to this problem. Despite the fact that Linux supports most hardware, there is still risk of incompatibility. In this case we would recommend you to upgrade to a newer version of MS Windows.

What if you keep your Windows XP?

The highest risk of Windows XP is for PC connected to the internet. If it is not necessary (no access to the mailbox), we would recommend to keep it disconnected.

For all of Windows XP PCs:

  • It is highly recommended to update the ESET product on the newest version, which contains technologies to detect the malware.
  • It is highly recommended to use a comprehensive solution with personal firewall or additionally install some firewalas a standalone application (do not use a firewall, delivered together with Windows XP, please). We do recommend ZoneAlarm.
  • If it is not necessary to extent your system with Java and Flash, their uninstall is recommended.
  • Change your web browser Internet Explorer 8 for another modern and secure one (for example Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).
  • For any e-mail work, use a web version of the email client instead of the preinstalled one on your PC.
  • Do not use chat applications as ICQ, Skype, etc.
  • Change the Adobe Acrobat Reader for an alternative secure application as Foxit PDF Reader.
  • Keep your PC applications regulary updated.
  • Limit or reduce the access of potentially dangerous sites and web servers
  • Backup your important company / personal data on regular basis.